IT Security threats are a serious risk for all companies. With new and sophisticated hacking technologies, IT security is no longer a “set it and forget it” initiative.
Each company, no matter what the size is, requires a security management, monitoring, possible breach detection and
a constant and continuous management of possible threats.

IT security system provided by TecnoCube will make you feel more secure against any network breach, in order to let you focus only on the development of your business.


Full management on data security system


Prevention and detection of any kind of breach through leading products


Advanced Newtork Security System Sicurezza, both on a network and on application levels (WAF)


An 24/7 “On-Call” IT Security expert, with NOC possibility

Protecting digital resources is complex and provides multiple levels of security to analyze. Thanks to a specific audit, the plan will be more effective.

Security Managed

TecnoCube provides customers with a range of services designed and developed to ensure the security of business systems. Every company must look at IT security with a more strategic approach and the Security Managed services are highly professional and cover the needs of continuous technological alignment of the Customers. Through the help desk and network monitoring center operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our customers can take advantage of the control for the management of security, maintenance and technical assistance on systems ( rewall, IPS, IDS, reverse, proxies and balancers), system support and proactive network management.

Network Managed

With Managed Network Services, TecnoCube offers you a complete solution (end-to-end) to make your network faster, safer and more ef cient. After an analysis of the systems, we design and implement the company’s networking, (LAN / MAN / WAN and multi-carrier solutions). The customer will always have complete visibility of what is happening on
its networks and systems. The ICT in a company is based on the network: TecnoCube will follow all the operations to optimize it, through constant monitoring, reporting of any network problems and ensuring rapid on-site or remote intervention.

We protect your networks with cutting-edge systems